Cold Hard Facts About Family Rocketship

7 Cold Hard Facts About Family Rocketship

Right to the point – there’s a lot of noise out there about starting a business, working online, living abroad, and so on.

This post is to let you know I’m for real. I’m going to be honest, direct, and to the point.

As the saying goes, “by their fruits ye shall know them”. In other words, if you’re going to follow someone, you want to see that they’re actually walking the walk.

The following are some of my “fruits” that you can judge me by.

I’ve laid them out as facts because I don’t mess around. I value your time. If my message isn’t for you, no worries. But if you’re curious, read on amigo!


This industry, with whatever we want to call it (lifestyle design, lifestyle business, entrepreneurship, etc), has a lot of cool people in it.

People like Tim Ferriss, Chris Guillebeau, and others. But I’m very different from many of them in some key ways. First and foremost, I’m a family man.

While I love these guys and appreciate what they have to say about business, travel, and a few other things, they just don’t have the perspective that a parent or married person does.

Want to live in Costa Rica for 6 months? Sounds great! Ooops, but what if your wife says, “no way”? Or what if your kids say they’ll hate you forever if you take them away from their friends?

The whole lifestyle design thing sure is fun when you’re single and have nothing to worry about except what fits in your carry-on.

When you’ve got a family though, it gets real. You have to be much more intentional with things like where to live, education for the kids, making significant money, and so on.

I started Family Rocketship over 7 years ago with the intention of adding the voice of a husband and a parent to the mix. Like I’ve said before, it’s one thing to be a single 22 year old, make $2K a month, and take off to live in Bali. EASY!

But what if you have an 11 year old girl? What about a 5 month old baby?

I’ve been there and am doing it.

Family Pic in Ireland


Here’s the thing: among many of the well-known names in this industry, most of them make money by teaching you how to make money.

You make money by teaching people to make moneyWhile I respect and really like most of these guys, something has always bothered me about the whole concept.

To be totally fair, I do sell two courses myself.

Personally, I think they’re both extremely well-priced for such high quality info all based on real-life experience.

In fact, when I first announced The 60-Day Entrepreneur, I got this email from a lady curious about it:

“Hi Sean, I’m interested in your 60-Day Entrepreneur course but what’s the catch? Why is it so cheap? Is there some kind of upsell after I buy it?”

I replied:

“Nope! No upsell! Just good info at an affordable price.”

Let me be perfectly clear, I’m not trying to retire off any money that is generated by Family Rocketship.

In fact, most of the information on the site is free! I only charge for the two courses because I’ve learned that people really have to pay for something to appreciate it. Oh, and I still spend time in those courses making them better and answering student questions.

But you will NEVER see me do any cheesy $2,000 product launches for a bunch of PDF’s of info that you can piece together online. Never.

Family Rocketship is a hobby for me. In fact, it’s almost a calling – something I feel like I’ve got to do.

I’ve seen people like Dan Pemberton, Caet Young, Reece Mower, and others who all quit their jobs to run their own businesses and live their ideal lifestyles.

They all were able to do so because of information I shared. I mean, that’s HUGE! And I take it super seriously.


Many people get some quick success with their own business and then in less than a year turn around and become the “expert” and make money teaching it. Basically, they’re marketing pros that found something that’s profitable and then exploit it.

That’s not me.

While I do teach how to start and scale your own digital marketing agency, I still literally run my own! And I’ve been doing it since 2010!

It’s what puts food on the table and allows me and my family to do cool stuff. I don’t have any plans of letting that go any time soon.

And this goes back to Fact #2, I still make my own money by providing real services for real clients. NOT just teaching you how to do it all loaded with a ton of affiliate links.

If someone is teaching you how to start and scale a business for example, have they done it themselves? If not, why the heck would you even listen to them?

Bottom line, I make my own money in a way that doesn’t conflict with my messaging at Family Rocketship. In fact, it’s what makes me totally legit.


When you start your own lifestyle business and it’s making significant income, you’re then able to do whatever you want.

For my wife and I, we started our business with the intent of living abroad for a while. And guess what? After two years of hard work, we made it happen!

We took off to live on the island of Cozumel in the Mexican Caribbean. After 2 ½ years there, we spent half a year in Europe and then a year back in our home in Southern California. Then, we decided we still wanted more so we went back to Cozumel.

(Check out our timeline for more details…) 

As I write this, we just got done with a 4 month summer vacation in Europe. And yes, I said 4 months. We’re now back in our home in Cozumel and the kids started back at their school today.

It just blows my mind that people would take any travel or living abroad advice from people who’ve hardly even done it.

We’ve been living outside the U.S. for 4 of the last 5 years of our life! We’ve gone to places like Ireland, France, Italy, Scotland, Spain, England, Portugal, and more! Even my 5 year old daughter has now been to 12 countries.

I get that travel or living abroad isn’t for everyone. I totally get that. I’m just making the point that you should never follow someone in this space (or any space) if they haven’t done the thing themselves.

Family in Paris


I own and run my own lifestyle business. After a pretty slow first year of growth, I scaled it up once I put systems and a team in place.

Then I was able to drastically reduce my own workload and involvement. That said, I still work a lot.

The difference is that the work I do is the work I WANT to do.

Trust me, swinging on hammock on a beach is fun. But you can’t do it everyday. You need to work. You need to do something meaningful.

For me, working on my own business is fun.

I even work personally with a few of my choice clients. Also, I have a few other projects (like Family Rocketship and the vlog) that keep me busy.

And here’s the big kicker: not only is the work I do the work I want to do, I can choose WHEN I want to do it! If I want to take off for the day and go swimming with my wife, I can.

That’s the freedom I talk and preach about here at Family Rocketship.


If you’ve been anywhere on my site, you can see that I’m trying to collect your email address.

Why? Because I’ve got some cool stuff to share!

Not too long ago, I got this email:

“The email I’m replying to says, “Ever have a question? Just hit reply.” And it’s signed “-Sean”. Do you have someone on your team reply to emails, or do you reply yourself? How do you have time for that?”

I said:

“I have time to answer emails here at Family Rocketship because this is a hobby for me. It’s not my main business. I also don’t market this a whole lot.”

If you get an email from me, it’s either a direct message or part of my overall email content messaging. Either way, if you have a question, I’ll reply to it.

I got this message the other day from a guy named Jim:

“Thanks again for responding, that’s a cool place you’re at in your venture to be a recognized name in lifestyle design but still personally answering emails – tons of respect for that.”

That meant a lot to me!

Again, I want to make sure everyone knows I’m just a regular dude who really wants to help others.

Have a question? Just email me! Sean at Family Rocketship dot com.

The exception? If you’re pitching or selling me something I won’t reply. Don’t waste your time.


I got another email from a woman named Sarah that said this:

“If you’re doing so well, then why do you have so few followers and comments on social media?”

I had to laugh at this one!

Yes, I kind of suck when it comes to marketing Family Rocketship. I suppose I should get on Facebook and Twitter more and use those good old hashtags. After all, it’s what I do for my clients in my main business!

But I repeat, Family Rocketship is a hobby for me.

To be blunt, I’ll put in as much time as I want to put in and I don’t always feel like tweeting out every little thing just to get views and new subscribers.

In fact, I’m just not concerned about how many Facebook followers I have. It’s not a metric that necessarily equals success.

Success metricsThe most important success metrics for me are free time, time with family, mobility, income, and so on.

Just because someone has 5 million followers on Instagram doesn’t mean they get to enjoy the same lifestyle that I do.

It’s actually pretty easy to make your life look good on social media, even if it sucks in reality.

I have nothing to prove to anyone.

Look, my view is that you either want this information or you don’t. Most of the stuff I put out there is free for crying out loud!

If you’re on my email list, it’s not my goal to try and get you to open every email from me and buy everything I may be selling. In fact, if you don’t find value, I would kindly ask you unsubscribe. Not trying to be rude but rather just to save you time and save me money. I have to pay for every subscriber that I have!

I don’t play any typical marketer games. I try really hard to just give you the straight-up info you need if you want to start living your ideal lifestyle.


I share this all with you to let you know I really walk the walk. More than most other bloggers or podcasters or authors I know in fact. I may not have the biggest following. I may not do annual conferences. I may not cruise around the country doing book tours.

But I am living my ideal lifestyle. And I’m doing together with my wife and 3 kids.

If that’s something that interests you, then let’s be friends! Check out the site, read a post or two, watch a vlog or two, and then drop me a line. Sean at Family Rocketship dot com.

Let me know where you’re at and where you want to be.