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FAQ’s About My Online Marketing Agency Business

I’ve received a TON of questions lately about my Clone My Business course. In an effort to save myself time and to help you, I’ve put together this Frequently Asked Questions post. You don’t have to read the entire thing. Just look for the questions that apply to you. Here goes… How do you make […]

Your Personal Battle for Freedom (Hint: It Requires Work)

Not too long ago, we left our beloved Mexico behind and we’re currently traveling around the Western United States before heading to Scotland in September. About a week ago, we drove past Mt. Shasta (the pic above). There’s just something about that mountain that moves me. Everytime we drive past it, I can’t stop looking […]

Why We’re Leaving Mexico (& Where We’re Going Next)

(I hope you will indulge me just a bit as I share the next chapter for the Family Rocketship.) It’s with a sad heart that I even write this. But I gotta say it. We have decided to leave Cozumel, Mexico. When I say leave, I don’t mean to spend the summer in Europe or […]

7 Steps to Define Your Own Reality

The other day, my friend sent me a message that sent me off on a rant. Wanna hear it? I thought so! Quick background, my friend and his wife came here (to Cozumel) over a year ago on a cruise ship for the day. After a day of fun, I planted a big fat seed […]

“Because We Just Felt Like It”

“Hey Sean! I heard about what you guys did. You lived in Cozumel for a couple of years or something?” “Yep,” I said. “That’s so cool! What made you guys do it? I mean, I know you work online. But why Mexico?” I shrugged and said, “well, because we just felt like it”. *** That’s […]

I’m Not a Rebel, I’m Intentional

Right now, your eyes are going to scan to the happy little quote that I have below. Before you get started reading it though, just know I’m about to expand on it. And probably in a way you might not think. OK, go ahead, read the quote… For you freedom fighters out there, you might […]

Family Rocketship Has NOT Made Me Rich

Let’s dive right into this. Check out this email I got not too long ago: Sean, I was super excited to have run across your story. After reading your home page, thought I had finally cut through all the people who had gotten richer by creating courses about how to start a business. In fact, […]

Crafting Your Own Life Playbook

Hey, wanna know something fun about me? I played football when I was in high school. And yes, to you my non-U.S. friends, I mean American football. Check it out. I’m #61 in the pic. I learned a TON through the experience – discipline, goal setting, teamwork, hustle, and more. If you do happen to […]