One-on-One Business Coaching

What if you could easily set up and scale your own online marketing company working only 10 hours a week and making more than 10k a month?

…and you could do it from anywhere with only an internet connection?

It’s not hype. I did it myself. I’m helping others do it.

Now it’s your turn!

Family Rocketship

You may already know that after getting laid-off from what would be my last job ever in 2010, I then started an online marketing agency.

I worked hard, scaled the business, and I’ve spent the last 7 of 8 years living abroad in places like Mexico, Spain, and Scotland together with my wife and 3 kids.

And it’s all funded by my business.

I Helped Others Do It Too

Clone My BusinessI then literally wrote the book on creating an online marketing company and I created a step-by-step interactive video training course as well. Through those two resources, I’ve helped a LOT of people successfully get started.

But it all started with my friend Sam who lives in Cozumel. He was telling me about how he really didn’t like his job and needed to make more money.

I told him, “Why don’t you just copy my business? I can give you all of the tools and info that you’ll need to get going.”

And that’s what he did. With my help, Sam got started on his own online marketing agency and not long after, got his first couple of clients, and left his job!

In fact, he even got his old job to become a client – all of the pay, none of the micromanaging!

I quit my full time job and have been working on building my online marketing business ever since and it’s all thanks to the coaching by Sean! Its great being your own boss and everything. This really works believe me! Everything depends on you though and your ability to get it moving the hustle as Sean mentions in the coaching. Thanks again Sean!

I coached another superstar – Dan from Colorado. This guy approached me asking me to coach him personally and walk him through the steps of creating and growing his business.

Dan pushed hard and quickly got his first 3 clients that works out to $1000/mo in revenue. Not bad for just getting started! With such a great start, I know Dan is going to rock this!

I’ve got real money coming in! It can’t get any more real than that! You also gave me the emotional & mental support I needed.

I also worked with another superstar named Khadija. Besides having a cool name, Khadija was actually an NCAA basketball coach!

She heard about me and my Clone My Business program from Nick Loper’s Side Hustle Nation podcast.

When we started the coaching, Khadija had gone through my course but hadn’t yet gotten started. Just check out what she has to say about the coaching process:

I Will Help You Do It Too!


We’re going to do everything possible to get you started on your own business and fast through 1-on-1 business coaching


Anyone who’s willing to work hard to build a real business that allows for great income, time freedom, and mobility


Anyone looking for an easy buck. This business requires a lot of work to get going. If you’re not willing to put it some time & hustle, this isn’t for you.


90 days (we’re going to push hard – the goal is to be set up and making money before we finish)

What’s Included:


We’ll focus on the 5 pillars of Systems (including choosing a niche, setting up your business, etc), Sales, Systems, Staffing, and Scaling Up.


We’ll have strategy sessions via Skype or phone (your choice) about every two weeks. Everything will be based on how quickly you’re able to complete the work you’ll need to do.


A big part of this coaching is helping you make forward progress on your business. I’ll hold you accountable by focusing on the highest-leveraged activities to move your business forward.


You’ll get assignments after each strategy session. I will only assign you work that will lead to actual growth and progress in your business. No “busy work”!


As part of the coaching, you’ll have a fast-pass to me! We’ll not only chat via Skype but you’ll have my email and my phone number. You’ll be able to send as many emails and even texts as you want!


You’ll have access to all of the same sales proposals, templates, and more that I use in my own business (yes, I still have my own marketing agency). You don’t have to start from scratch – you’ll be up and running quickly!


Just like this page, I’m a pretty direct guy. I’m not going to try and win you over with my great marketing skills and tell you how great this coaching is.

You either want to start your own online marketing agency or you don’t. It’s really that simple.

Besides, I’m putting my name and face on this sucker! I want it to work for you but it’s not for everyone. Even paying for coaching doesn’t guarantee your success. You’ve got to hustle.

Sean of Family Rocketship