Create Your Own Turning Point

When I was in high school, my best friend’s dad had a heart attack.

It was crazy because he was an active guy and still relatively young. For him, and his family, it was a huge turning point.

One time while riding his mountain bike, Hollywood director Tom Shadyac got into a wreck and went into a strange kind of coma.

Coming out of it, he changed up his priorities and his lifestyle. It was a huge turning point for him.

Me? I got laid off.

I walked through my house midday with a box of stuff from my office. When my wife saw me, she panicked for about 30 seconds before reaching a turning point.

It became our “Day of Decision”.

Little did we know that at that very moment that we were stepping off of the treadmill that so many others follow and declaring our new lives.

We didn’t even know what that new life was at that moment! We just jumped. And it felt good.

You Don’t Need to Have a Heart Attack

You don’t need a life changing event like a heart attack, coma, or losing your job to put things in perspective.

You just need to choose.

That’s right. The point here is choice.

The choices you make today absolutely affect the kind of life you’ll live tomorrow.

If you’re gut is bigger than you want it, it’s a result of your own past choices. If your bank account is not as full as you want it, it’s a result of past choices. If your love life isn’t where you want it, it’s the result of past choices.

Nobody else “made you do something”. There’s no one else to blame. It’s all you man!

“2015 was a fantastic year!”

We’re now a week into the New Year. I don’t like talking about resolutions necessarily but I do like talking about choices and actions.

The year 2015 just sounds like a great year doesn’t it? Like, in the future, you’ll look back to this year and say, “Oh yeah, 2015 was a fantastic year”.

The only question is, what will you choose to do?

What choices will you make this year that will affect your future self?

Maybe you’ll get up earlier. Maybe you’ll work out more. Maybe you’ll read more or focus on creating a side income.

Whatever it is, at this same time next year, in 2016, you can say, “Thank you 2015 self for having the discipline to do (fill in the blank)”.

Like, “Thank you 2015 Sean for finally sticking to doing that Insanity workout and getting Mexican Coke out of your diet. Now I can take my shirt off without sucking in my gut”.

Or “Thank you 2015 Sean for waking up an hour earlier and getting more work done – now I have an extra $2000 to play with”.

Whatever it is for you!

Have an Intentional Turning Point in Your Life

Don’t wait for the heart attack. Work out and take care of your health now.

Don’t wait to get laid off. Start your own business and take control of your finances now.

Don’t wait for whatever could happen. Make it happen.

I’ll just end this little self-helpy schpill with this thought from Emil Motycka

“Start today, not tomorrow. If anything, you should have started yesterday.”