Yes, it’s true.

There are some links on this website that I make an income from. They are affiliate links meaning that I recommend someone else’s product, and if you buy it, I get a cut.

First of all, I don’t recommend anything that I feel isn’t super valuable to you in some way. Generally speaking they are all products or services I’ve used myself and really like.

I’m all about karma. I’d like to be your friend and to do that I can only share with you things that provide value to your life.

Why the affiliate commission then?

The creators of the various products/services we endorse are giving it away anyway. Everybody wins! They sell a product. I make a good recommendation. And you get something that will help you in some way.

Obviously, nobody can guarantee any results you may or may not get buy purchasing a product or service.

Do your homework when it comes to any purchase you make – especially online. Simply buying something does NOT guarantee any result.

I do accept books, other products or events, or services in exchange for a possible review. However, in regards to my opinion of the books, product/event, or service I reserve the right to remain 100% real and my review will never be biased. If it’s a great product/service/thing and I’m wowed by it, I’ll become your biggest fan and promoter.

So yeah, here’s my disclaimer. Now I’m all FTC complaint and you’re protected. If you do buy something through an affiliate link of mine, Thank you!

And I really hope it helps you!


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