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What Every 30-Something Should Be Deeply Concerned About

I took a sip of Gatorade and processed what my buddy Connor just said.

We were climbing Mt. Si outside of Seattle, Washington. 4000 vertical feet in 4 miles. It’s a good climb with a payoff of seeing the entire Puget Sound area from the summit.

A hike like that gives you time to chat about a lot of things. One of the topics was our own fitness while still in our 30’s.

Connor said something profound.

He said, “Basically, how you treat your body during your 30’s will determine how you go into the rest of your life. By working out now, you’re going to head into your midlife years nice and fit. What you do in your 30’s determines how you’ll enjoy the rest of your life.”

Connor is right.

But in more ways that one.

If You’re in Your 30’s…

This is my appeal to you, my 30-something comrades.

This is my call to arms to get you moving and create the life you want. Not just the life you think you have to have.

About a month ago, I turned 36. (gulp)

That’s it. I’m officially on the downside of my 30’s.

As always when I complete another year of life, it got me thinking. For those of us in our 30’s, we have a unique opportunity to really make it happen.

Here’s why.

By the time you hit your 30’s, full on adulthood has set in.

You move a bit slower after working out. You notice some small lines forming on your face. Going to bed by 10:30 is considered a win.

In other words, there’s just enough “oldness” setting in to really motivate the crap out of you.

The good thing is you still have all of the abilities of your youth coupled with the resources that you’ve already built up over your 30+ years of life.

In other words, it’s the perfect time to live your legacy.

Living Your Legacy

Most people think of leaving a legacy. Not living a legacy.

They think of it as something they do when they die. Once people hit their 50’s and 60’s they start donating more to charities. They may even get a wing of a hospital named after them.

Who cares?! You’ll be dead!

Why not live a legacy right now? I’m not talking about being remembered as a great philanthropist. I’m talking about waking up everyday loving the life you live.

Ditch the System

Why not ditch the old broken system and do something new and exciting? Why not live a super rad life starting today? Why not take action and do what you’ve always wanted to do?

The good news is you can.

And it’s not as hard as you think.

If you’re lucky, you’ve realized that life/society/the world is changing so fast that it’s up to us to rewrite the rule book.

The whole school-job-retirement model is long gone. In our hearts we all know this.

But most of us are scrambling to figure out what to replace it with.

What most people have yet to accept is that it’s up to us, right now, to decide how we want to live. We don’t have to accept what was handed down to us by past generations.

It’s not working anymore anyway so why keep trying? Especially when it’s not that cool anyway! Seriously.

TPS reports? Commuting? Seeing your family on nights and weekends? There’s a better way.

As a 30-something, we have all power to carve out the exact life we want to live and freaken do it!

For my wife and I, we gave up on the past model almost 4 years ago. I came home in the middle of the day after being laid off and we decided then it would be the last job I would ever have.

Now we live one block away from the Caribbean Sea.

We have written our own game plan and it’s worked out stunningly well. I don’t say that to brag in any way. As always, simply to say if a putz like me can figure it out, you can too.

Now it’s up to you to work out what you want to do.

Work from the Outside In

So let me repeat what Connor said as it applies to your legacy:

“What you do in your 30’s determines how you’ll enjoy the rest of your life”

To help you figure it all out, while there’s still time, let’s work from the outside (less important) to the inside (the most important) as it relates to living your legacy.

Think about the following and what you deep down really want to do.

  • Change the world – how do you want to affect the world at large? Start a company? A charity? Help a village get water?
  • Friends – how do you want to affect those in your own circles? How often do you want to hang out with them? Doing what? Where?
  • Family & Parenting – how do you want to be involved in your family? How can you help them? If you have kids, what kind of parent do you want to be? What do you want to instill in your kids?
  • Spouse – what kind of partner do you want to be? How much time do you want to spend with them? How can you work together to achieve the dream life?
  • Changing your world –what about your own life? How do you want to make it better? If you woke up living your dream life, what would that look like? Where would you be? Who would be with you? What would you be doing?

These questions help you become introspective. This is the first step in deciding what you deep down really want.

The next step is to take action. You’re in the prime of your life. It’s time to do it. As a 30-something, you have absolutely zero excuses.

For Everyone Else

And for you my teen and twenty-something friends, you can rock it right now. You have youth on your side. Stay up late. Work on your freedom plan and do it! Don’t wait until you see that first gray hair pop up!

And I haven’t forgotten about you my 40/50/60-something friends.

There’s still time. There’s always time.

Identify what you want and start to do it today.

After all, what do you want your legacy to be? That you processed the most TPS reports of anyone in your department?

Or that you woke up, looked out the window, and realized the day ahead of you is all yours.

It’s go time. Make it happen.