Gary Vaynerchuk and the Thank You Economy

Gary Vaynerchuk and the Thank You Economy

It’s hard to share an experience with Gary Vaynerchuk without leashing into an all out rant about the future of business. Gary V’s enthusiasm, leadership, and foresight are extremely contagious.

I’m a big fan and I agree with the about 99% of what he says. The other 1%? Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t repeat it around my two little girls.

Then again, that’s what makes Gary so (darn) awesome. He’s totally authentic and completely loyal to who he is.

So, the awesome people over at Biznik put together an evening with Gary V since he’s promoting his new book, The Thank You Economy.

It was a small group of entrepreneurs and small business owners in Seattle. Because the venue was small, it made for a very cool, very intimate night with Gary.

After the brief introduction, Gary launched into a high level overview of his book. I could go on for days about this stuff but here are a few nuggets I picked up:

  • Social media is not a push platform, it’s a pull platform – Fortune 500 companies and big ad agencies will be the last to understand this
  • Think social media is just a fad? It’s toppling governments in the Middle East and saving lives in Japan
  • We’re beginning to see the humanization of business
  • On social media, don’t act business – act human
  • Every consumer now has a much bigger voice – businesses can and should strive to surprise, delight, shock, and awe them
  • For those who aren’t interested in social media because they don’t have time – since when did it become not important to interact with your customers/clients?
  • Authenticity and genuine care has been and will be the future of business and there’s no better way to do that than through social media

After Gary shared some thoughts, he took questions from the audience which opened him up to sharing an obscene amount of knowledge.

With every answer to a question, he then doused us with even more business revelations.

In talking with other people after the event, I know he got everyone in there charged up and ready to take their businesses to a higher level.

Gary V had a large role (although he doesn’t know it) with the formation of the Family Rocketship. His book, Crush It had a huge influence on us to get something started.

Overall, meeting Gary V was awesome. It’s hard to meet someone as big as he is without feeling a little intimidated.

With him, it was just the opposite. I felt like we’ve partied for years. On the slim chance that Gary V sees this post, THANK YOU!

What are your views of Gary Vaynerchuk? What about Social Media and the future of business?