How to Create a Lifestyle Business Using Only Fiverr Gigs

How to Create a Lifestyle Business Using Only Fiverr Gigs

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When I first started with my own online marketing business, Fiverr was still relatively new.

However, even back then there were some great gigs that I used to help get the work done for my first few clients.

Now I have a staff that does most of the work.

However, if you’re just getting started with your own business, you can use Fiverr almost exclusively to get the work done.

If you’re new to Fiverr, basically, it’s a place where you can get stuff done for only $5 (and up).

Not all of the gigs on there are great, but there are some pretty high quality gigs now available.

In fact, the quality of gigs has gone up a bunch over the past few years. You can find some really amazing stuff on there and again, all for 5 bucks.

The Perfect Lifestyle Business

As you may already know, I’m a big fan of setting up a lifestyle business, scaling it, and then spending your time doing whatever you wish.

One of the fastest and easiest ways to create your own lifestyle business is to create a service-based business.

This could mean walking dogs, cleaning pools, whatever.

If you’re like me, and you want to have total mobility and travel a lot, then looking at something digital (online) is vital.

A perfect example is my own business which is an online marketing company.

With a service-based business, you’re offering to do something that people aren’t willing to do or don’t have the time to do themselves.

You don’t have to spend time creating any products or doing any market research.

You just need to spot a need and fill it. Then you reach out to those people willing to pay you to do it. Then you make money.

It’s really that easy.

From there, you’ll want to scale it and make sure you’re not doing much of the work personally but that’s for another post.

Taking Advantage of Fiverr Arbitrage

What is Fiverr Arbitrage? Simplistically, it’s getting work done on Fiverr and then selling it for more.

For example, let’s say you sell a service doing a website analysis for a company on how they can increase conversions on their website. You sell the service for $50 (or a lot more).

Then you go to Fiverr and order a gig doing the service for $5.

You just made $45 and someone else is doing the work.

This is a very simplistic example but I hope you can see how it works here.

Some gigs offer gig extras which are little upsells. Depending on the gig, they might be valuable to you.

Obviously this would cut into your margin so you can adjust your pricing accordingly.

How much you make is really up to you – you set the prices for your services.

A few things to point out…

First, your client needs to be happy. This means, they should be happy with the work you do get done. They should be fine with the price you set and the results you give them.

Second, you need to make sure you’re ordering a high quality gig. You want to make sure it’s a high rated seller that has sold lots of gigs.

Third, you need to have a few other gigs you can use for the same service. Sellers come and go so you need to have redundancies in place.

Use Fiverr to Start Your Own Lifestyle Business

You can use Fiverr gigs to get all of the services done for your company. What kind of business you set up is up to you.

If you’re wondering what you could do, just go to Fiverr and check out what people are selling. It’s crazy how many different kinds of gigs there are!

Scroll through all of the different categories and start brainstorming what you could offer.

Then think about what you already know, the people you already know, and your own experience.

Based on all of that information, there will for sure be a business idea that you could run with.

A Few Ideas for Fiverr-based Businesses

To get you started, here are just a few ideas of service-based businesses that you could start using Fiverr gigs.

I’m intentionally choosing ideas that are internet lifestyle friendly.

In other words, if you like to travel, you can grow your business with nothing but an internet connection.

  • Graphic Design – logos, flyers/posters, business card design, presentations, etc
  • Writing – press releases, articles, resumes/cover letters, etc
  • Book Marketing – book cover design, social media promotion, editing, etc
  • YouTube Video Creation & Marketing – short videos, video intros/outros, promo vids, promotion (likes, comments, subscribers), channel optimization, etc
  • Website Development & Maintenance (especially WordPress) – design websites, website installation, website cleanup/security, etc
  • Voice work – book narration, video narration, commercials, etc
  • General Virtual Assistants – translation, transcription, data entry, email management, research, etc (this is a BIG one!)

The above list is in no way comprehensive. It’s just to get you brainstorming.

Your job will be to make the match between paying clients and these services.

Once you set up a system, you’ll be able to automate your business to the point where you only have to check in from time to time.

How big you grow the business is up to you.

BONUS: Run an Online Marketing Business with Fiverr

Just for fun, I thought I would add a quick section on some gigs that I might use if I were starting over again with an online marketing business.

Keep in mind, this would be just to get started until I replaced these people with my own staff.

Also, the gigs I list below might change or go away (based on how long from now you read this) so keep that in mind.

AND, this includes just the basics but it’s a good head start.

Website Design & Maintenance

Make it like the Demo – this one is amazing! You could buy a theme from a place like ThemeForest, have this gig do their thing, and all you do is plug in your client’s info (or get someone to do it for you)!

WordPress Customization

WordPress Problem Solving – you could literally run a business just solving people’s WordPress website issues

Content Marketing

Website Content

Article Marketing

Press Releases


Video Marketing

Quick Commercials

Female Narration

Male Narration

Video backlinks – this one looks like an OK gig but be cautious with any gig promising the world

Social Media Marketing

Cover/branding Design

(all of the rest of social media I would hire a real person to load up stuff on Hootsuite – you could use a general VA gig for this. The rest of the social media gigs that I’ve seen are too spammy)

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Action Plan

Backlinks – same thing as above, this one looks like an OK gig but be cautious with any gig promising the world

It’s best to get an SEO person on your staff right away!

And that’s it!