How to Set Up Your Lifestyle Business in 1 Day

How to Set Up Your Lifestyle Business in 1 Day

It’s never been easier in the history of the human race to set up a business, scale it, and then get on top of it.

It’s also never been easier to get it started in the first place.

In this post we’ll cover setting up your lifestyle business both online and offline. In other words, the digital and physical aspects of your business.

Creating the Digital Side of Your Lifestyle Business

Regardless of what kind of business you set up, you’re going to want to make sure you have an online presence. These days, every business needs to be online and use the internet as a tool to grow.

First, You Need a Domain & Hosting…

So, first go to Godaddy or any domain registrar and reserve your new business domain. Get the “.com” extension for sure. If you really want to lock up your brand, snatch up the “.info”, “.net”, and others.

Before buying, be sure to search online for “GoDaddy coupons”. This can save you some money for sure. Also, don’t be swayed by any of the upsells GoDaddy has. Just buy the domains and move on.

Next, you’re going to get hosting for your new business website. Choosing a good, reliable host with great customer service is crucial. I’ve worked with HostGator and I love them. Plus it’s really easy to get a website set up.

Now, For the Website…

With your domain and hosting in place, we’ll start on your website build.

By the way, having a website for your business is a MUST regardless of whether or not your new business is online or not.

Chances are your customers are online so you need to be there too. You need to get a logo designed and unless you’re a pro yourself, I recommend saving a ton of time and hiring someone on Upwork to do it for you. Or you can even use Fiverr.

You get what you pay for so try and find a balance between saving money and getting a good quality designer.

With your logo, now you’ll build your site. The best & easiest way to do this is to use WordPress.

With WordPress you can have your new site up and running in about 10 minutes. No joke. WordPress uses templates or “themes” as they call them. There are tons of free themes and also premium themes.

Most premium themes average around $45 – definitely cheaper than your average website designer! Just plug in your theme, add your logo and some content, and you’ve effectively got your online presence set up.

This is it as far as your marketing dollars for now. Don’t waste money on getting brochures or business cards (unless it’s a must in your industry). This can all come later after you’ve made some sales.

My experience is that your online marketing (starting with a quality website) is your biggest asset and the only sales tool you need. Cards, door magnets, etc are a waste of money until you see the real need. Print is largely dead. Save your money!

Creating the Physical Side of Your Lifestyle Business

NOTE: Only do the following steps if you feel you have a real paying business. Like, you’ve actually made sales. 

Too many people focus on getting their business set up (and spending money on it) without even proving that it’s going to work out for them. If you know you have a great business, then proceed with the following. 

The next step is to check with your local and state agencies about your particular business. You want to make sure you have all of the licenses you need and so on.

Also, you’ll want to set yourself up as a business entity. I’ve found that LegalZoom is a great way to do this quickly. LLC, S Corp, etc – it can all be confusing but they’ll walk you through it.

Finally, based on how you’re going to accept payment, you may want to set up a separate business account. Be sure to check with your bank about a business account.

With a business checking account, you can then set up a PayPal account which is going to help you take payment online. When your business gets bigger, you can look into a more custom solution but PayPal is the perfect way to get started.

Take Action on Your Lifestyle Business

By taking these steps, you’ll have a real, fully functioning business that’s going to help you along towards to your goals.

It’s a lot to do I know. But most of this can happen in under a week. A small amount of time for something that’s going to give you money to do exactly what you want.

Also, it’s important not to get hung up on this stuff. The most important element of your business, by far, will be making actual sales.

Your Homework:

  • Reserve your domain. (GoDaddy – register your domain here)
  • Buy hosting. (HostGator – my favorite host by far. Great support & very easy to get website up)
  • Set up your WordPress website. (Here’s a great link: WordPress Quick Install)
  • Design your site. (These are all good places to look for a good theme here, here, and here)
  • Get your logo. (Use Upwork or maybe even Fiverr)
  • Check with city and state officials about registering your business
  • Create a business entity. (LegalZoom is great for this)
  • Create business bank account