I'm not a rebel, I'm intentional

I’m Not a Rebel, I’m Intentional

Right now, your eyes are going to scan to the happy little quote that I have below. Before you get started reading it though, just know I’m about to expand on it.

And probably in a way you might not think.

OK, go ahead, read the quote…

Heres to the crazy ones

For you freedom fighters out there, you might thinking “Heck yeah!” That quote is like the call to arms for all people wanting to be different.

And you might be thinking that I’m about to launch into a rant about how I just looooove being a rebel or a crazy one.

I’m not.

What I’m about to share is why you shouldn’t be a rebel because it’s cool or trendy. You should be a rebel because doing the things that rebels do genuinely makes you happier.

I’m Not a Rebel, I’m Intentional

I don’t do stuff because everyone else does it. I just don’t.

BUT, I also don’t do the things “rebels” do just for the sake of being a rebel.

That would be kind of like expressing my individuality dressed as an urban lumberjack with my beard and red-rimmed glasses…. just like all the other urban lumberjacks with beards and red-rimmed glasses…

No. Sorry. Not me.

I do everything I do because I’m 100% intentional about almost every aspect of my life.

This includes:

  • where I live
  • how I make money
  • how many hours a week I choose to work
  • what I do in my free time
  • what kind of education my kids are getting
  • where we vacation (& for how long)
  • who we spend our time with
  • and so on…

I’ve worked very hard to get to the point of where I am. I’m a free man. I’m happy. My wife is happy. Our kids are happy.

And that’s kind of the entire point of it all!

What’s ROI of Your Lifestyle?

Investors all look at getting a positive Return on Investment (ROI) of any money they dump into a business, the market, crypto, whatever.

So, what’s the ROI of your current lifestyle?

If we measure your investment as tied to your overall level of happiness, are you getting a positive ROI?

As with almost every decision I ever make in my life, I look at our return on investment. If I’m going to invest my time, energy, money, or really anything, I look hard at that ROI.

Will it be a good use of my time? Will it make me happier? Will I be able to get some “warm fuzzies” by helping others or spending time with them?


“I’ve Just Kind Of Got Life Figured Out”

One time I heard my friend Connor giving a talk and he said, “I’ve got a great family, I’ve got my own successful business, I’ve just kind of got life figured out”.

I know and love the guy but at the time, I thought it came off a bit arrogant. Thinking about it later, it’s really not. It’s just that he tapped into the 1% of people in this world who’ve made life work for them.

For the rest of us, it sounded arrogant because, “How could someone figure it all out? What makes him so special?”

The arrogance was me projecting that onto him because no way could someone already be happy and have it all. But he did. And I soon figured it out myself not too long after.

Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve observed people from all walks of life in many different countries around the world. I’ve seen what makes people happy and what doesn’t.

Happiness seems to be the one thing that everyone wants to have but somehow ends up forgetting about it because they’re too busy making their boss happy and paying the bills.

Often by seeing what other people are doing (& how it’s NOT working) you can find the answer to happiness. Just do the opposite.

So I repeat, I never try to be a rebel just to be different. I’m a so-called rebel because I actively work on being happy everyday. And it usually means doing everything just about opposite from the masses.

It’s Time to Examine Your Life

You need to closely examine why you do what you do.

Do you drive in traffic to sit in a cubicle all day? Would your boss get mad if you decided to simply go to the park for the day instead?

Really think about what you do on a daily basis! Do you do it because it’s what your parents taught you? Do you do it because it’s what your high school or college guidance counselor told you to do? Do you do it because it’s what you think society tells you to do?

If so, just a long hard look at those people’s lives. Are they happy? Really? Chances are they aren’t. Most of them are just talky talky.

If you do have a job, I’m willing to bet it’s because it’s what you think you need to make money. Sorry amigo but there are LOTS of ways to make money without selling your soul for 40+ hours a week.

If you don’t live where you want to live, why not?

Do you do the things you want to do, whenever you want to do them? If not, why not?

Are you happy? Like seriously, deep-down, blissfully happy? If not, why not?

I’m Your Friend

About now, you might be thinking, “Sheesh! Lay off me will ya fella?”

Nope. Sorry. Not if you’re reading this blog post.

My goal is to make you uncomfortable. To get under your skin. The same way Tim Ferriss and Gary Vaynerchuk did with me back in 2009.

I want you to get upset with the status quo and do something with your life to actively make yourself happier.

I’m your friend in all of this. Trust me, you should already know my ulterior motive in even writing these blog posts. I want to have an entire army of cool people that have the time and money to do cool stuff whenever and wherever.

That’s it!

If you’re like my 2009 self, and you’re sitting in a cubicle reading this on your lunch break, then I’m talking to you my friend!

Wake up! Do something. Let loose. Start asking yourself some hard-hitting questions that you’re probably even afraid to ask.

Just look at me – I’m an average dude. I’m not special in any way. I don’t have a 6-pack. I’m not really handsome. I wasn’t born into wealth.

BUT, I’m happier than almost every single person I know. I live where I want to live. I do what I want to do. I’m a happy, grateful schmuck that stumbled onto this recipe.

And I Want That For You Too

This is why I freaking preach this stuff. It’s there. It’s available.

Why wouldn’t you do it?

So go ahead, be a rebel. Do something cool. Make your life something you’re proud of.