If Your Life Were a Book, Would You Read It?

When I started my weekly vlog series, I used this quote:

“If your life were a book, would you read it?”

If your life was a book, would you read it

Think about it!


Imagine walking into a Barnes and Noble bookstore and there on a display table right smack dab in the center was a heaping pile of brand-new hardcover books. On the cover is a picture of you!

The title says your name and it’s written by you. As you open it and leaf through the pages, you start reading bits here and there. Do the titles intrigue you? Do the paragraphs jump out at you? Any key sentences that grab your attention?

What would it say?

Would it be a page-turner? Would it be interesting? Funny? Epic?

Or would it bore you to death? Imagine reading something this:

Today, traffic was horrible. There was an accident on the 5 so I got to work late. Of course, I saw a note from John asking me to come into his office the second I logged onto my computer. I tried to explain it to him but he didn’t care. He said it was my “last offence” before being put on “indefinite job in jeopardy”.

As if he seemed to know what I was going to say next, he said, “Don’t make me have to write this up as ‘insubordination’. Your numbers are good and that’s the only thing keeping you on here…”

When I got home, it wasn’t much better. I found a notice from the apartment complex saying that our water bill was three times the normal amount. My roommate doesn’t seem to notice that his 30 minute showers are forcing me to max out my credit card just to keep up with bills.

I don’t know how much longer I can take this…

I think you get the point.

Oh, by the way, that is actually somewhat autobiographical. I’ve actually heard the words, “indefinite job in jeopardy” and “insubordination” and “last offence” at jobs I had in the past.

Holy crap, just thinking about that versus thinking about where I am right now (staring out a window in my AirBnB flat in Northern Spain) brings me a swell of crazy emotions. I’m so grateful for where I’m at now!

And I wish I had a time machine to go back and show the past me some pics of my current life. I’d say, “Hold on, man! It gets better!”

And the feelings that I’m having right now are the exact reason why I’m writing this for you. If you’re reading this, mi amigo, I know you know there’s something better out there for you!


But maybe the book example doesn’t do it for you. What if your life was a movie? Or a play?

In fact, one of my favorite quotes is:


Is your life a wonderful play? Are you having fun?

Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers sings at the end of “Can’t Stop”:

“This life is more than just a read through”

This is it dude! There’s no practice or dress rehearsal! You are on stage right now and everyone is watching!

Are people watching you sit in your car in traffic? Are they watching you clock-in at a job and then sit in a cubicle? Are they watching you fidget in your chair while a boss takes out her own personal problems on you? Are they watching you on your lunchbreak view YouTube videos of people traveling around the world?

Honestly think about it!

If you were to look out into your audience, are they bored? Are they yawning? Are they getting up and leaving?

Keep in mind, this is just an analogy to get your mind going. Obviously, you shouldn’t be living to entertain others. But, you should be living a life that you yourself are proud of. Something that if you showed your 12 year old self, he or she would be dazzled.

And here’s the thing, you can! In fact, there are about ZERO excuses why you can’t.


If you’re reading this blog post, you’ve got to understand that I myself am not just preaching this stuff. I try to live it.

For me, I’ve identified that having a dope life with my wife and my kids is pretty much the most important thing I can do. Followed closely by my family, I want to help as many other people also discover their own “dope life” and actually have the courage to do it.

That’s why I write these blog posts. That’s why I do a weekly vlog. That’s why I share a bunch of resources and tools to help you with all of the step-by-step information that you need to actually make it happen.

If you’ve come across the Family Rocketship, I hope this stuff seeps into your veins. If you’re living an average life, I hope you start getting discontent. I want you to get a little agitated – enough to start making changes in your life. I hope you realize that you don’t (and shouldn’t) live an ordinary life.

I hope you understand that you have a bigger purpose than to simply process reports. There are places to see. Things to do. People to help and to learn from. You were meant for bigger things my friend.

It all starts with you. It starts with your desire to want more. It starts with your choice.


The world is waiting for you to decide. Will you give us something amazing? Or will we file away your story with the millions and millions of poor souls who played too small with life?

It is all. Up. To. You.

Please, for your life’s sake, choose something good!


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