Punch Your Cubicle Job in the Throat and Create Your Own Income

Early this morning, I woke myself up with a scary dream.

In the dream I was talking to a boss and then settling in at my desk at a new job.

I was wearing “work casual” – khaki Dockers and a blue button down shirt. I even had an ID badge on my belt next to my smart phone in its ridiculously huge leather case.

After trying to make a light joke with my new boss, I looked down at my desk and felt an overwhelming sense of failure. A job. Bleckh!

With the way I felt, the desk could have easily been prison bars. The feeling would have been the same.

Right at that moment, I woke up.

I quickly looked around and saw the early morning light of the Caribbean sun already spilling into our bedroom.

The silhouetted palm trees assured me that I was exactly where I wanted to be.

I took a deep breath, exhaled, and then thought about what I would do for the day.

But Sean, a Job isn’t the End of the World!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking right now.

“Stop freaking out! There are a lot of people who would love to have a job!”

And you’re right.

For many people, having a nice, happy job with two weeks off a year is all they need to live a charmed life.

And if this is you, then this blog and my entire message is probably NOT for you.

This blog is for the people who dread going into work and making somebody else richer. This blog is for people who can’t stand hearing the words, “Have a good weekend!”

Or even worse, “How was your weekend?”

Really, this blog is for all of the people out there like me (or at least the old me). The Sean’s that dread Sunday nights. The cubicle dwelling, job loathing chumps who desperately want to break free and do something big.

To Liberate the Seans…

My mission is to enable those who find themselves wanting to start their own business and do something bigger – to create a lifestyle business.

And it’s working!

I get regular emails from people asking more details on how to do it.

And now that I’ve released a course that breaks down exactly how I created my own business, I’m getting more questions than ever.

I base everything I do off of my own sucky but highly educational experience. I went through the valley of the shadow of cubicle death.

I wouldn’t take it back however. I don’t think I would appreciate what I get to do now. And I certainly wouldn’t have the empathy needed to assist my fellow comrades to break free.

As I always say, I’m nothing special. I’m just a putz who was dumb enough to believe I could do something bigger.

Oh, and I have a kick-a wife who demanded I make the “living on a tropical island” a reality. Kind of not even joking.

Enough Ranting, Get to the Solution!

Yeah, yeah. OK.

If I could give you, my company-indentured friend, one single piece of advice it would be…

Pick one thing and do it hard.

Here’s what I mean – you need to find something that you can sell. It has to be something that real people are willing to pay real money for.

This doesn’t mean following your passion. Screw your passion! For now, at least. We can get to that later once you’re making money on your own.

For now, find something that’s super marketable and sell the snot out of it. Create systems. Grow a team. Keep selling. Scale up the business. Get bigger. Keep selling. Keep selling. Keep selling.

Is this making sense?

Just a few examples of what you could do include:

  • sell Fiverr gigs
  • start a housekeeping agency
  • work on Odesk or Elance
  • flip merchandise (including cars, imports from China, etc) on Craigslist
  • sell products on Amazon
  • start a tutoring business
  • create a babysitting agency
  • teach an online course
  • create a dog walking/grooming business
  • my personal favorite – start an online marketing services business

This list goes on and on. This point here isn’t to list out everything you could do. It’s really just to get you brainstorming.

Your business should be:

  • something you can do in your “spare” time at first
  • something you can scale infinitely
  • something that you can outsource from the start (or get employees)
  • the big kicker – something that people really want (hint: they’ll give you real money for it!)

A Few Things to Note about Your Business

First of all, once you decide what you’re doing, stick with it! Make your first sale. Then make another. Then make another!

If you’ve chosen your new business venture wisely, there will be a paying market for it. Actually, I can’t stress this enough.

There must be a good amount of people willing to exchange money for what you have to offer!

This is why I can’t recommend all of the common stuff you always hear like “start a blog”, or “sell lotions”, or “be a coach”. It just doesn’t work. Trust me, I know.

Again, if you’ve chosen wisely and there’s a paying market for what you have to offer, then the only way you won’t make money is if you don’t sell.

You’ve got to be persistent. Success won’t just happen right away. It will test you first to see if you’re worthy. Persistence is the magic key.

Also, avoid the temptation to jump to the next big thing. Someone else will always have an “opportunity” for you. Avoid it. Stay true to your own thing.

Here in Cozumel, it’s common to meet people that seem to do everything. Like, I’ve met guys that are dive masters. But they’re also internet marketers. And they’re also taxi drivers. And they’re also tour guides. And…

The result? They don’t make money in anything! They’re not focused enough in any one thing to make money in any of them.

MJ DeMarco says you need to be 100% monogamous to your chosen business. I whole-heartedly agree.

Over the past few years, I’ve had many temptations to start something new. Especially here in Cozumel – there are so many opportunities just waiting for people to take them!

But I’ve been true to my business and it’s paid off.

I went from this:

Cubicle Suckhole


To this:

Other Side

As always, I don’t say this to brag. Just to show you what a regular guy, taking the right action, can do.

It’s Now Time to Make it Happen

Decide on your business, work it hard, be persistent, be true, and success will happen.

So, my cubicle-bound friend, I’m speaking right to you. The next time you swipe your time card, think about where you’d rather be. Let it come into your mind clearly.

When you sit down at your desk, write out all of the ideas of what you can do to kick start your new life.

When you take off for a lunch break, get online and read what others are doing to successfully live their ideal lives. Break it down – what are they selling? How are they providing value to the world that gives them money in return?

When you’re driving home, call your significant other and get them on board. When you get home, go out with him or her and strategize together. Make a plan.

Wake up an hour earlier the next morning and start working your plan.

Then, when you clock in at work, have the hope that as you continue to work your plan, it will pay off.

I promise it will.