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The Rise of the Everyday Entrepreneur

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In April of 2005, Thomas Friedman published the book The World is Flat which spoke about globalization and how things that used to be significant (like country borders) are disappearing and becoming irrelevant.

In February of 2006, Sir Ken Robinson gave a now-famous Ted Talk about how the traditional school system is killing creativity and it ignited an already rapidly growing alternative education movement.

In April of 2007, Tim Ferriss published The 4-Hour Workweek which turned traditional employment on it’s head and expanded the concept of lifestyle design.

In February of 2011, Ray Kurzweil was featured in a documentary called Transcendent Man where he discusses the merging of man and machine.

What do all of these messengers have in common?

One Word: Change

OK, two words: BIG change.

We’re now well into the 21st century but many people are resisting the changes that are already here.

But I don’t want to talk about unions or governments or other rigid institutions scrambling to figure out what’s already happening.

I want to talk about how you, the smart person that you are, can take advantage of this new shift.

Specifically, I want to talk about making money. Dinero. Fat stacks y’all.

I want to show you how you can ride this new wave, make more money in more flexible ways, and do whatever the heck you want to with your life.

Smart People Make Their Own Money

Our society is currently structured so that we need money to do pretty much anything. So it’s super important then to focus on making money first until you can literally afford to focus on other things.

In fact, you should focus on making:

  • as much money as possible in…
  • as short of time as possible in…
  • as flexible of ways as possible

This isn’t some discussion on what will happen in a decade from now. I’m talking about what smart people are already doing.

People like my friend Camille who runs her own e-commerce dress shop all from the comforts of her own home where she can be with her husband and four kids.

People like my friend Pawel who lives between Playa del Carmen, Mexico and Valencia, Spain while running a vacation rental business.

People like my friend Rob who runs a hugely successful forum and takes month-long vacations to places like Europe and Costa Rica.

And I’ve got plenty more examples to share!

What’s amazing about every single one of these individuals is that they:

  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Give themselves a raise anytime they feel like
  • Set their own hours (or lack of)
  • Spend large amounts of time away from their businesses
  • All have team members/employees doing the bulk of the work for them
  • Spend copious amounts of time with their families
  • Will never ever have a job again

The Age of the Everyday Entrepreneur is Here

Recently I got an email from a cool guy living in Hawaii.

He said:

I continually think about living abroad and working for myself. There is so much talk about the new entrepreneurial shift where people are taking charge of their lives and living the dream.

He is exactly right.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the change is already here. We’ve had speakers, authors, bloggers, and more all prophesying the changes.

For those that have heeded the call, they’re now living extraordinary lives. Lives that their former cubicle-dwelling selves only dreamed of.

I know. From personal experience.

I myself literally sat in an office looking out the window and longing to be free. I just didn’t know how.

Scratch that. I DID know how. I had already read the books and blog posts.

I was just too chicken!

Then I got laid-off and my wife smacked some sense into me and we started our adventure life.

That was 7 years ago. Since then it’s been a crazy ride of growing my own lifestyle business while also traveling and living in other countries like Mexico, England, Spain, and more.

In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting at a desk in my house that’s 100 yards from the Caribbean Sea. My wife and kids are all out playing at the beach with their friends.

Look, I’m not trying to toot my horn.

It’s actually quite the opposite. I’m a pretty normal guy. Actually, I’m a borderline schmuck.

So if a guy like me can pull it off, you certainly can!

Why You Should Be an Entrepreneur

Taylor Pearson, author of The End of Jobs, once said, “Jobs are getting more competitive and less profitable while entrepreneurship is more accessible, safer and profitable than ever.”

Based on my own experience, I add a big fat “AMEN” to what Taylor said.

I work with people everyday who are saying ‘adios’ to the old-school model of making money and leveraging the new world we live in.

These people all understand that creating and running your own business puts you in control. It’s taking time and money into your own hands and being in charge of every aspect of your life.

I once had a friend that wrote out, “I am the CEO of me”. I liked it!

If you’re an independent person like me, you don’t have to worry about anyone else dictating your daily life. You decide what you will do each and every day.

At it’s core, being an entrepreneur is about going after things that deep down excite you – like, you get goose bumps when you think about actually doing them.

It could be the business itself or it could be the freedom that your business gives you.

If you’re looking for ultimate time & money freedom, you’re just going to need to accept that you need to be an entrepreneur.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Are You Going to Take Control of Your Life?

This one is really simple. By reading this post, you’re exposing yourself to a world of people living the dream.

Are you going to do the same?

Or will you retreat to your cubicle or factory or retail shop? I’m not trying to be rude I promise!

It’s just that when this knowledge is out there, and you want more money and freedom, why wouldn’t you take action?

We already know that trading time for money is an outdated model. We already know jobs aren’t what they used to be. We already know a college degree isn’t what it used to be. We already know that retirement isn’t what it used to be.

Yet, some people are still trying to hold on to the old ways. Mainly, because they don’t know what to replace it with.

But this IS the answer. Very happy, well-adjusted, normal people are becoming everyday entrepreneurs.

Bottom line: it’s a return to self-sufficiency and taking responsibility for your own life.

In fact, it’s like the American frontier all over again. You can own a piece of land, work it, make it grow, provide for your family, and live the good life.

The only difference is that now, it’s digital and the world is your playground.

The 60-Day Entrepreneur

The 60-Day Entrepreneur

The 60-Day Entrepreneur is a multimedia course that I created to help people make the transition from employee to entrepreneur.

This course teaches you how to create your own lifestyle business from the ground up.

It shows you how to choose the right business for you, how to get your first sale, and how to scale it up so you can make as much money as you want. This allows you to work as much or as little as you want.

And the entire premise of the course is to make it happen in under 60 days.

It’s what I did. It’s what others have done.

Now it’s your turn.

If you’re looking to take financial matters into your own hands, this is a fantastic place to start!

Learn more about the 60-Day Entrepreneur here