A Secret Ingredient Of The Ultra-Successful

A Secret Ingredient Of The Ultra-Successful

Do you know who Nolan Bushnell is? He’s basically the father of modern video gaming. He’s the guy that founded Atari. Something he once said could be considered the personal mantra of anyone who’s ever succeeded at anything. He said:

Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.

You know the feeling. You’re in the shower and it comes to you – the greatest idea since sliced bread. This is it. This is your big break! You think about it and it just gets better and better in your head.

Then you get out of the shower and somewhere between getting dressed and eating breakfast, the idea fades off into the recesses of your mind to be lost forever. And inevitably you return to your normal life.

It’s Always About Action!

So what is the secret to making a difference? The answer lies in the doing. People who are successful are big time doers. They’re achievers. They’re driven by getting something done. It may not be perfect, but hey, at least it’s done. And it’s out there changing the world. And in many cases, it’s making money.

The secret to success lies in doing, doing, doing. I once heard a trainer at a conference hold up his daily planner and declare that the secret to his millions made was contained in his daily schedule. He formed a plan for everyday and then worked his plan until it was done. He took action.

An Observation About Action

I heard that trainer at that particular conference almost 10 years ago. Like many others in the audience I was inspired and motivated. I left pumped up and determined to make a difference.

Then something happened. I somehow let life take over again and I quickly returned to my routine. I didn’t get out there and make the difference I was so pumped up to.

So that brings up another quote I once heard. It’s this:

Education without application is just entertainment

You know what I’m talking about right? You listen to a great CD. You hear a great speaker. You watch a great DVD. You love the learning process. You scribble notes as furiously as you can.

Then what happens? It’s that exact moment that separates the top 3% of the population of doers and achievers from everybody else.

How Can You Be An Achiever?

The best way to determine what you could do to start living your dream life is to ask yourself a few questions. I know it sounds a bit cliché but it works. Out loud, as if you were interviewing yourself, ask yourself some probing questions like:

  • What is keeping me from taking action today?
  • What is my biggest obstacle?
  • How can I overcome this obstacle?
  • Who else do I know that could help me?
  • What are some things I can do today to get moving?

Ask yourself questions like these and you’ll already be taking your first steps towards action and making a difference.

The next step would be to get out there and start doing! Make a list. Use your daily planner. Write it on your mirror. Whatever! Just do it!

What are some ways that help you take action? What’s your biggest secret to taking action?