The Solution to World Peace

The Solution to World Peace

This is the fourth of a four part speech series that I gave in my local Toastmasters speech club. Some of it has been modified to fit an online audience as opposed to a live audience. Read Part Three Here


I want to announce that I know the secret to world peace.

I really do. But first, let me ask you a question. What issues do you see happening today keep us, as a society, from having world peace? Think about it for a minute.

The Path to World Peace Is Found In The Most Simple Of Concepts

These concepts, when applied however, can end war. They can give everyone enough food to eat. They can provide everyone with adequate shelter and the means to develop themselves –their skills & talents.

I’m not talking about the latest political agenda. I’m not even talking about the many good organizations out there trying to make a difference.

But let’s take a step back for a minute. Maybe we should evaluate if world peace is even possible? Do you think it is?

There will always be differences of opinion. There will always be people who make poor decisions. There will always be opposition. So can world peace ever truly exist?

I humbly submit that it can.

But in order to get there we need to understand how that will happen. And what each of our roles would be in that.

So in the next few minutes, let’s explore 3 things:

  1. The concepts we need to know
  2. How those concepts relate to society
  3. How to apply these concepts to achieve the desired result

So, first, let’s explore what the concepts are.

Would you believe that I’ve already shared them with you? I’ll let you in on something. The past 3 lessons I’ve shared have served as the foundation for what I’m sharing today. I’ll explain.

It’s my understanding there are 4 basic concepts or, areas in our life, where if we just focused in on, we could arrive at relative peace in this world.

The 1st concept is that of self. Throughout this blog thus far, I’ve chosen to share about themes all relating to personal development. I talked about asking & receiving, overcoming fear, digging deep to overcome obstacles, focusing on the right things in life, & so forth.

Guess who sang this:

“If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself, and then make a change”.

Sound familiar? Michael Jackson. Was Michael the best example at what he himself sang? Well, I’m not going to make that judgment here. But the fact remains he’s right. In order to affect out there, we need to first change what’s in here.

Before we can have world peace, we need to be at peace with ourselves. We need to seek out & incorporate virtues such as tolerance, accountability, gratitude, optimism, faith, and of course, love.

The 2nd concept is that of having a solid relationship with our significant other.

I’ve shared the key ingredients that I’ve learned go into a great marriage. As we become strong ourselves, we can then partner, with someone who we think is pretty cool, and create a solid relationship. In my limited experience, nothing in life is as sweet as the union that exists in a couple who focuses on communication, gratitude, & love.

The 3rd concept is that of parenting & family.

I’ve shared the components that I’ve learned go into great parenting. I’ve also shared of the importance of family in our lives & how important family really is.

I’ve stressed that family is a big deal. And it affects every single one of us.

The 4th concept is community.

When I say community I mean our jobs, our neighborhoods, associations, clubs. Anywhere where we step out of our home and become part of a larger family. Ultimately, community means being part of the human family.

Self, relationship, family, & community. Let’s explore how they relate to society.

Helen Keller once said, “Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within.”

So if we’re to achieve peace in our world, we must start with ourselves, then our families, then our communities. It’s simple logic really. Individuals combine into families. Families make up communities. Communities into cities then states & provinces, countries, world.

Thus we see that the family is really the basic building block of society. To make changes in society we must first make changes in ourselves & in our families. There’s no other way. The world out there is made up of what’s in here.

It’s up to us! It starts right here with you and me.

So, how can we take these concepts and put them into action? Well, it starts with us. We must be the change. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We can’t wait for the other guy!

But guess what? We can each do it in our own little way in the circles we already move in. Our work. Our clubs. Our congregations.

I’m not saying we need to start protests or marches. Almost the opposite in fact. We can do it where we already are. Where we already work, live, & play.

Big changes are brought about by small, seemingly insignificant but consistent good acts. Oprah Winfrey once said, “You’re defined by what you stand for”.

I’ll take it a step further. I say you’re defined by what you’re willing to do. What action you’ll take.

If you Click Here, I’ve listed some suggestions of what you can do to help. I left space for you to make it your own. Please take some time to go over this & commit yourself to it. It’s not hard. It just means being mindful & doing something extra. I once heard that extraordinary people are just ordinary people who do something extra every day……..

I’m just a young guy. I’m 32 years old. But I know this is just how it is. So now I ask you, will you join me in making this change? For yourself, your relationships, your family, & community?

Now I’ve let you in on my secret to solving world peace. But is it really a secret?

Of course not! It’s just a matter of putting this information in action. Can you see how you & I can make that much needed difference? Can you see how we can achieve such a lofty goal by doing the most simple things?

Notice I didn’t say it’s easy. But it is simple. And achievable. And it can start with a small but dynamic group like ours.

You must now make a decision.

You must decide if you’re willing to stand with me & take this message to the world. Will you stand & commit to world peace simply by being a better person, husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, neighbor? Will you stand & act?

Can we achieve world peace? Of course we can!


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Please be sure to comment and let me know what other things we should think about in solving world peace.