Stop Hating Sunday Nights

How to Stop Hating Sunday Nights

“This is my last job” a good friend of mine said as he stirred the ice in his lemonade.

We were sitting in his backyard relaxing and discussing his situation. He was recently “downsized” from the company where he worked for 2 years.

“I’m so tired of hating Sunday nights and dreading going in on Monday mornings. Another job will just be the same.”

He paused and then said, “This was the last job I’ll ever have. I’ve got a bunch of ideas for my own thing. I just need to get started and do the work now.”

Based on the past experience of my friend, I know he’ll be successful. I think he’ll figure it out, do the work, and make it happen.

I know his distaste for a job finally pushed him into doing something he’s always wanted to do and to take control of his income.

And this is really the key to it all.


About now, you might think that I’m starting to go on an anti-job rant. I’m not.

Like I’ve said, before, I’m not anti-job, I’m pro-freedom.

I’m pro-you-not-dreading-your-Sunday-nights. I’m a fan of you being happy with how you spend your time on a daily basis.

If you love your job, then simply click away now. And there are some of you out there.

But for the rest of you, my message is clear.

If you’re even reading this, it’s because you may have felt that annoying little feeling lingering in the back of your head that tells you you have to wake up on a Monday morning and do something you don’t want to do.

This message, as always, is for you freedom seekers out there that want something better and are willing to work hard (and smart) to make it happen.

The Cold, Hard Truth about Jobs

A job is easy. You show up. You do enough work to make your boss happy. And then you get a paycheck. Done. Easy.

The simple fact is getting a job is a much easier path than doing something on your own.  And it may even work for a while. You get a few promotions, get a better office, and everything’s peachy.

Eventually however, the Sunday nights will start to get harder and harder.

So what do you do? What’s the solution?

The Incredibly Simplistic Answer to Loving Your Sunday Nights

What I’m about to share is nothing new. It’s what every business coach will tell you. It’s probably what you already know deep down.

A job won’t get you closer to your dreams. Not quickly at least.

You’ve got to create your own source of income. Period.

Entire books have been written on the subject. But here’s what to do to get started right now:

  1. Identify What You Want to Do – how would you like to spend your Monday mornings? What’s your ideal work? Figure it out.
  2. Identify What You’re Good At – what are some things that people say you’re good at? What have you done in the past that you’ve been successful in? Write it down.
  3. Identify What You Can Do Right Now to Make Money – this is the BIG kicker. You need to mesh what you want to do and what you’re good at with what real people will actually pay you real money to do. Don’t skip this step! Everything depends on this actually.
  4. Get Paid – as they say, “make your first dollar”. Hustle and prove to yourself that you can make money through your own efforts.
  5. Do It Over and Over and Scale to Freedom – that first dollar is a great feeling. Now go get more of them! Keep doing it over and over. Refine the process. Create a system. Get other people to do the work.

This sounds pretty simple. And it is! Don’t make it more complicated than this. Just go do it. Think about it later.

There are people a lot less intelligent than you making money for themselves. Now it’s your turn.

Before you know it, you’ll look forward to Monday mornings. This isn’t rah-rah pump up entrepreneurial hype.

It’s real. It works.

These are the basic building blocks to taking control of your money and time. It’s up to you to do it. Will you actually do it?

Your Sunday night happiness depends on it…