How Kevin Read a Family Rocketship Post & Made $3,600 in 1 Month

How Kevin Read a Family Rocketship Post & Made $3,600 in 1 Month

This week I got an awesome email from a new friend of mine named Kevin Maxwell. As you’ll see from the email, Kevin is a freaking rockstar!!!

He laid out how he read one of my blog posts (this one: How to Create a Lifestyle Business Using Only Fiverr Gigs) and took the info and ran with it.

Kevin MaxwellTo say that Kevin knows how to hustle is an understatement. He put together a little funnel or system for himself (pictured below), used Fiverr gigs to make it a reality, and then made $3,600 in his first month.

I’m going to repeat that.

He made $3,600 in his first month!

Kevin told me it was fine to share the email he sent to me with you. If you’re reading this, I want you to read the email exchange very carefully and then break down what Kevin did. If you follow what Kevin did, you should be able to get similar results.

Before I share the emails, I want to make something super clear.

Kevin is living proof of what I’ve been ranting about lately.

Specifically here:

Why You Don’t Have Enough Money & Exactly How to Fix It, Guaranteed!

And here:

Excuse Makers & Action Takers – Which One Are You?

I’ve been saying that all the information is out there to change your own personal circumstances. Need more money? The info is out there!

Want to quit your job and do something cool? The info is out there!

The key is that it takes a willing mind and a determination to hustle (work hard) until you hit your goal.

That’s where we lose most people.

People all say they want change but very few actually do something. They hope someone else will solve all of their problems – a president, a boss, etc.

Learn From Kevin’s Example

Now, it’s time for me to stop talking and time for you to start learning from Kevin. Read the below very carefully and apply it to your own life.


FROM: Kevin Maxwell
TO: Sean Marshall

Hello Sean,

I hope you’re doing well. We spoke a few weeks ago when I was asking for advice for doing website design side hustle and outsourcing it and making money on the side from my other business.

I wanted to say thank you as I put together an amazing website design funnel system that I tested out the first month and made 3,600 dollars!!!! and all I needed was the internet,, and your website.

I closed a deal to revamp this woman’s website and she told me her budget was 3,000 and there were other people who wanted the job but I undercut everyone by 500 dollars by offering the service for 2500 as my website designer said he could do the entire job for 120 dollars so I netted 2380 and my labor was minimal at best.

I attached the current funnel I created.

  1. I have a cold caller call small businesses and set up meetings for me
  2. I meet with owner and work out a deal and get paid up front
  3. I outsource the work to my designer for usually 30 dollars
  4. I meet with client or talk on phone to ensure they like everything and make final edits
  5. I work with them on Facebook, google, and all other marketing and get paid to manage their accounts

The funny thing is before I wanted to make extra money so I got a part-time cleaning job and made 9 dollars an hour and after taxes I was almost working for free…now I have a system set up where I outsource most of the heavy lifting and now I just close the deal, get paid, and make sure everything runs smoothly.


I go to your website every day and now I finally have the money to buy some of your courses. If you have any advice on where I can do better please let me know.

Thank You,

Kevin Maxwell

(SEAN NOTE: Here’s the funnel image Kevin is talking about): 

Maxwell Website Design Funnel



Dude, I’m blown away by your hustle!!

Would you mind if I shared your story? I mean, I can change your name if you like but I think what you’ve done is crazy inspirational. If there were more people with your drive to succeed, we’d be living in a very different world my friend.

I LOVED it when you said, “all I needed was the internet,, and your website.”

And I loved your pic showing your funnel. You’ve already created a system which is the BIG key to success.

But yeah, I’d love to share this with more people. What do you think?



Hey Sean,

I would love it if you could post my story and publish it so people can see and use it in their success. You can use my name as well 🙂

Your teachings definitely changed my life and really motivated me to dig deep and create a system that helps to generate income. I love that fact that I found an awesome cold caller on that not only finds leads but also books the appointment and even records the calls and creates an excel spreadsheet for me to have their information and gives suggestions on how to close the deal and then once I meet up with then and close the deal I pass on all info to my website designer in India to create the website and then I met the client for a last meeting and confirm the website is good then I transition to getting a month to month contract for marketing their business.

So yes please share my story.

Again thank you so much!

Can You See Why This Makes Me So Freaking Happy?!

First and foremost, Kevin’s motives are like my own – he has nothing to gain personally by sharing this information with the world – except the warm fuzzies of knowing that he’s helping other people.

If I wrote up blog posts and did my weekly vlogs and it made no other difference than to help people like Kevin, that’s crazy awesome to me. Why? Because it’s like a ripple effect.

Kevin now has a way to make money that’s NOT from a job. You read about what happened when he got a part-time job for “extra money”. And now Kevin is willing to share that info with others in the hopes of inspiring them to get moving also.

Freedom ArmyI seriously think this is the beginning of a small, happy, little army of people trying to help others – people who are waking up, taking control of their own lives, and embracing freedom as their new lifestyle.

You can go to a job just like everyone else if you want to. You can fight with your boss if you want to. You can make just barely enough money to live a normal life if you want to.

Or, you can work your butt off for a while and then live the life that you’ve always wanted to.

It’s your choice.

Will You Follow Kevin’s Example?

As I write this blog post, I’m sitting in a flat in Zaragoza, Spain. I’m actually spending the entire summer traveling around Europe with my family before heading back home to Cozumel this fall. We’re not here because of work. We don’t have family here.

We’re here 100% because it’s fun. We. Just. Plain. Wanted. To.

I say all of this because I hustled to get here! I’m not trying to brag. I mean, I am proud of my achievement BUT, more importantly, I’m trying to show that if an average guy like myself can end up with a fantastic lifestyle, you can too!

Like Kevin, I read something online, turned around and did it, and now I’m reaping the benefits.

This is why I have this blog. This is why I feel like shouting this stuff from the rooftops! You don’t have to live an average life. You can make money, free up your time, and do cool stuff with your loved ones.

Let’s Go Deeper…

Do you think whenever Kevin needs some extra money in the future, he’s going to consider getting a part-time job?

Heck no!

He’s tapped into what us “lifestyle designers” live by:

  • learn
  • do
  • provide value for others
  • make money
  • do cool stuff

He now has a way to make extra dinero, or even a ton of life-changing dinero, forevermore. And you know he’s going to share it with other people. That’s the ripple effect I’m talking about. That’s the little army I’m talking about.

Kevin could just keep all of this info to himself. He could quietly live a dope life and never share it with anyone else. But, in his words, “I would love it if you could post my story and publish it so people can see and use it in their success.”

I’m going to wrap up now. But I want to make this super, crystal-freaking clear: you have the ability to do whatever you want to do. It’s all up to you. It’s your choice. 

If you need money, go back and read what Kevin wrote above. Follow what he did. Start it in your own life. Hustle. Work. Grind. Whatever verb you need to do the thing!

Once you do that, please consider sharing your story with me so I can blast it to the world. It’s a revolution, amigo. Join us!


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