Your Personal Battle for Freedom Hint It Requires Work

Your Personal Battle for Freedom (Hint: It Requires Work)

Not too long ago, we left our beloved Mexico behind and we’re currently traveling around the Western United States before heading to Scotland in September.

About a week ago, we drove past Mt. Shasta (the pic above). There’s just something about that mountain that moves me. Everytime we drive past it, I can’t stop looking at it.

I’m sure it’s partly because about 10 years ago, my wife and I climbed to the summit with a team of our friends. It was an awesome moment to stand at the top of a 14,180 foot (4,322 m) giant, raw mountain. It was freezing cold, but it was awesome.

Like anything that’s worth it in this life, it took work. A lot of work.

When the time came to actually make a run for the summit, it was harder than anything we’d trained for. Nothing could have prepared us for the cold or carefully stepping on frozen ice at a 45 degree angle. But, we put one foot in front of the other and eventually made the summit.

Why am I talking about climbing a mountain? Because it’s all about work. And work leads to a lot of good things. Specifically, freedom.


Movies glorify independence and freedom and rightly so. Whether it’s humans fighting against alien invaders, machines in a matrix, or even against oppressive government rulers, we all love stories that celebrate human freedom.

We love the struggle. We love watching our hero conquer the day.

But let’s make this personal. What about your own story?

It’s one thing to watch a movie on Sunday night but what are YOU doing Monday morning?

Are you free?

Be honest.

Are you doing what you want to be doing? Or are you commuting, clocking in, and waiting until 5pm? If that’s you, sorry homie, but you’ve sold out.

You are not free.

You need to ask yourself, why would you celebrate freedom in the movies but sell out your freedom in your own life? Why aren’t you willing to be free?

Is it too hard?

Are you too lazy?

Not sure what you need to do?

Are you afraid?

If you’re not doing what you want to do everyday, you’re not free. There’s something you need to change. You need to fight for your freedom.


Freedom requires work.

OK, that’s not really a secret but most people seem to overlook that one point.

They want the laptop lifestyle. They want to travel. They want to buy the new house. They want to buy the fancy car. But they overlook the fact, that to achieve that level of time and financial freedom, it requires work. A lot of hard and smart work.

And this is where I lose a lot of people.

If this message isn’t for you, that’s fine. Stay at your job. Keep collecting your paycheck. Keep looking forward to Friday’s and dreading Sunday evenings. Keep hoping for that one week vacation you get to take.

Be honest with yourself and accept that you’re settling for much, much less than what you’re capable of. You do that.

OR… you can join a small but growing handful of people that do everyday exactly what they want to do. They work hard so that they can play whenever and wherever they want.

Nothing valuable is easy or free. You’ve got to work for it.

I know this may sound like totally obvious stuff but the question remains, if it’s so obvious, why aren’t more people living their dream lifestyles?

It’s the work that separates the free from the not-so-free.


I want this to sting a little. I want you feel guilty of not living up to what you’re capable of. I want you to stay, “Stop! No more! I can’t take it!”

And then I’ll stop.

And then we can hug.

And then we can get to work on crafting your ideal lifestyle.

That’s why I do everything I do here at the Family Rocketship. I want to give you the inspiration and the tools to free you up. That’s really it, plain and simple!

Once you get free, then maybe we can do something fun.

In fact, I’ve been thinking about climbing another mountain… Wanna join me?