Crafting Your Own Life Playbook

Hey, wanna know something fun about me? I played football when I was in high school. And yes, to you my non-U.S. friends, I mean American football.

Check it out. I’m #61 in the pic.

Sean Football

I learned a TON through the experience – discipline, goal setting, teamwork, hustle, and more.

If you do happen to be one of my friends NOT from the U.S., then it’s about here that you say, “Whoa, whoa, whoa Sean. I just don’t understand American football. It’s too confusing.”

And yes, I get it. At first glance, it might look confusing. But it’s designed that way.

Every football coach has a playbook – a guide that lists out all of the team’s set plays. Based on what’s happening on the field, the coach makes a call (usually to the quarterback) to advance the ball.

If everyone on the team does his job well, the team will drive the ball forward. Do enough of that and the team wins the game.


In life, we have many changes – ups and downs. It’s constantly changing.

How we respond to these changes will depend largely upon how well we live according to our values – the principles we hold most dear.

Your values are like having your own coaches playbook. The defense is tough – stuff like job-loss, politics, social unrest, death, etc. But it doesn’t matter what the defense throws at you. You’re ready.

You have a playbook that shows you how to respond.


Your values may come from your childhood and how you were raised. They may come from your religion if you’re religious person. Your values may come from your family or friends or other peers.

Regardless of where your values come from or however you may have been influenced, you need to get super clear on what you want to have as your values.

There is no law that says that the values that you were raised with are the values that you have to live with for the rest of your life.

I’m going to repeat that because it’s that important: there is no law that says that the values that you were raised with are the values that you have to live with for the rest of your life.

You are a free person free to choose whatever lifestyle you want to live. Your overall level of happiness and fun depends on the quality of the values that you put in place for your life. And how well you stick to them!

If I had stuck to many of the same values I was raised with and influenced by into my adult years, I never would have left the job world behind. I thought a job meant security.

I never would have sold everything I owned. I thought that stuff equaled wealth.

I never would have traveled to other countries let alone LIVE in another country. I thought that my own country (that I just happened to conveniently be born in… think about that one for a second) was the safest and best country in the world.

What a limited life I would have had if I had let those old values dictate my life!

I would have let others and their negative values keep me from living what I consider to be a pretty rad lifestyle. In fact, I love my life.

And it’s all because my wife and I have chosen a set of values to follow all based on stuff that makes us genuinely happy.


Here’s the thing, life can sometimes be awesome and life can sometimes be sucky. But if live according to your own values, the ones that you set yourself, then you will generally be happier than most people.

It doesn’t matter what comes your way. You will react to the changes that come your way based on the values that you set. The principles that govern your own life.



You first need to decide what values you want to have. You need to be conscious about what beliefs you want to have in your own life.

Maybe you decide that you want to have more fun. Maybe you want more money. Maybe you want more mobility and the ability to travel and do cool stuff. Maybe you want more time with family. Maybe you want more education.

It doesn’t matter what it is but it does matter that it’s important to you. It’s your job to decide what plays will go into your playbook. Then as you go through life, and the defense comes after you, you’ll simply refer to your playbook.

Not only will you push past life’s challenges, you’ll be happy as you do so!

Get busy! Your future happy self is waiting for you to decide right now.