Why I Talk People Out of Having Jobs

I’m going to tell you straight up right now, if you’re comfortable with your job, then this post isn’t for you.

In other words, if you don’t mind having a boss and doing the same thing every single day, then don’t read this.

Save yourself some time.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who’s looking for freedom and happiness, then read on amigo!


DONT LIVE THE SAME LIFE FOR 75 YEARS AND CALL IT A LIFEYou already know all of the downsides to having a job but in case you don’t, here’s a refresher:

  • You have a boss – someone that tells you where to be, when to be there, what you do for the big part of your day, and so on
  • You have zero control of your income – sure, you might get to negotiate your salary when you first start but after that, you cross your fingers that your annual performance review scores you a big 2% raise!
  • It’s the most limited way to make money and the most heavily taxed – as an employee you have very little say in how you pay your taxes
  • You know that your job is not truly “secure” – it all depends on how happy your boss is with you
  • Your life is dictated to you – when to take breaks, how long those breaks are, what your hair can look like, even what you wear!
  • You see the same people every single day – and it gets bad when you don’t like those people!
  • You have relatively little time with your family – you get to see them on weekends and get to take a week’s vacation in the summer and maybe a day here or there during the holidays!

I’ll just stop there because that last one really irks me. Why would anyone settle for letting a boss tell them when they can hang out with their family?

Back in my job days, I even quit a job on Christmas Eve just to be able to spend it with my family!

A new friend of mine from London told me once in an email:

I cannot imagine spending (wasting?) the majority of my life-energy for the next 20 – 30 years on work and work related activities. It’s madness. Life is too short for that! It’s not even an option for me anymore. I don’t understand why people settle for this.



Taylor PearsonBesides the fact that jobs generally suck, there’s another reason why I talk people out of having them.

Whether you want to act on it or not, we all know that jobs are no longer what they used to be. In fact, the term job security has already become an oxymoron.

This applies to the lowliest hourly employee to the highest, most prestigious professional. It doesn’t matter. If you have a boss, your job is always at-risk.

Combine this with the fact that many jobs are literally being taken over by apps or robots. I’m not kidding.

Think fast food restaurants will want to pay people more money to take orders? Not when a self-help kiosk could do it!

Think people will take a smelly taxi at 4x the price when they can pull up an app and get a nice car and driver almost instantly?

This stuff isn’t in the future, it’s already here!


If you spend any time on this website, you’ll see that I’m not too shy in my dislike for jobs.

Why? I’ve just never met anyone who absolutely, positively loves every aspect about their job. It’s almost impossible.

Ask me if I love what I do…

“Sean, do you love what you do?”

Yep! Absolutely, positively, 100%. I have zero downsides to how I spend my time.

When I urge people to look at doing something on their own, it’s because I’ve personally seen it work in my life. I’ve seen it in my friend’s lives. I want you to have your own business so you can do whatever you want to do.

I’ll just dive a bit deeper here. There are 4 big, juicy fat reasons to do your own thing.



Running your own business is actually about control. When you work at a job, you have very little control. There is someone else telling you what to do all the time.

When you run your own business, you control everything. You control how much you’ll work – what days and how many hours. You control how much you charge for your services or products.

Most of all, you control your own income. Want to give yourself a raise? Make some more sales. It’s as easy as that!


When you have your own business, you have all the choices you can handle!

Want to go swimming with your wife (or husband) in the middle of the day? Done!

Want to work all day in your pajamas? Done!

Want to take December off to hang out with family and pig-out on sugar cookies? Done!

Really. When you have your own business, you can systematize everything with processes and a team, scale up your income to whatever you want, and then do whatever you want.


Like I’ve said before, I’m not anti-job, I’m pro-freedom. I get that people have jobs. I get that some people even like their jobs. There will always be those people.

But let’s be clear – a job is NOT freedom. Try and tell your boss that you’re going to take the summer off. Just see what they say.

When you have your own business, you work hard (probably harder than you would at your job) but you have your own freedom.

There is absolutely no better feeling than waking up and knowing the entire day yours.


You know what happens when you wake up and realize the day is all yours? You become the happiest person on the planet!

And you get to live it everyday. This is not fluff. I live it. My friends live it. Most of the coolest people on this planet live it.

Do you take your happiness seriously? If so, then why are you at a job?

We live in one of the most exciting times in history! There’s so much opportunity!

What I do myself wasn’t even an option just a short time ago. And because I do what I do for income, I can do whatever else I want to whenever I want to do it.

Currently, that means living on an island in the Mexican Caribbean. In two weeks, we leave for Europe for the summer. And I thought I was cool when I got to vacation for 8 days in Europe back when I had a job!

But that’s just me.

What do YOU want to do? What aren’t you able to do because you have a job?

What are you willing to do about it?

Like, today?

Are you starting to see why I preach this stuff? It’s about control and choice and freedom and happiness. I just don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to work hard for this.

All of the info is out there. You just have to apply yourself. Get rid of fear. Get rid of any doubts that you don’t deserve it or that “people just aren’t supposed to live that way”.

Make it happen. Get started today!