3 Questions

The Top 3 Questions We’re Asked

When people find out that we’re literally living on a tropical island in the Caribbean, they always have a ton of questions.

Over time, we’ve noticed that there are about 3 questions that seem to float to the top.

Question #1

The first one is always something like “So what do you do?”

People might follow it up with “Are you working on the island?”

What they really want to know is how we’re making money to afford living here.

The answer is easy. Before we got here, we set up a company called Social Rocketship.

We provide real value for real clients back in the U.S.

Question #2

The next most common question is, “What about your girl’s education? Do you home-school them?”

Easy. Our 6 year old goes to a private school here on the island. Our 4 year old is getting ready to join her soon.

The implications of why they’re asking about our girl’s education is a whole ‘nuther subject. Yeah, we want our kids educated. But the traditional elementary/middle school/high school/college thing is probably not going to happen.

Yeah, I better stop myself here on this one.

Question #3

The next most common question is, “So, where do you guys live?”

We live in a 3 bed/3 bath house. It’s fully furnished even down to the silverware. We pay $950 a month – it’s not a crazy awesome bargain but it’s the cheapest we’ve ever paid for a house (way cheaper than California) and we’re walking distance to the beach.

So that’s it!

If you’re like us and you’ve always wondered how those families who are traveling or living abroad are doing it, well, at least you know now how we do it!