Why a Job

What Could You Possibly Want with a Job?

“Oh, H.I., you’re young and you got your health. What you want with a job?

Warning: If you love your job, this message isn’t for you.

BUT, if you’ve ever looked out your office window longing to be playing outside, this message is for you.

If you’ve ever imagined yourself at the tropical location of your computer screensaver, this message is for you.

If you’ve ever sat in traffic wishing you were home already, this message is for you.

If you’ve ever realized that you spend your best waking hours (and a lot of them) away from the people you care about the most, this message is most definitely for you!

We All Need Money

No doubt about that. Money buys freedom. But how we obtain that money is totally different for everyone.

The default way for most people is to get a job. It’s almost a knee-jerk reaction in fact. People think, “I need money, guess I better get a job”.

Yeah, sure. This is the easy way. But an easy path almost always leads downhill.

When you get a job, you’re guaranteed a paycheck (if you show up and kind of work). So that’s great.

But what’s the cost?

You’re spending your time actively making someone else more rich by your efforts in the hopes of a piece of the pie. You answer to a boss.

You have to ask someone else for permission to take time off to spend time with your own family.

You hope that your hard work will get noticed and you schmooze enough people to make just a little more money (and probably a lot more work).

And you live every day ever so slightly unsure about whether or not you’ll be able to keep your job.

In the big scheme of things, you give up a LOT in exchange for a paycheck.

Is it worth it?

Difference between Job and Career

I consider a job as something you do for money. A career is something you love to do and it just happens to give you money too.

A career is something you’ve trained for and worked hard to achieve.

A perfect example is my own brother. He’s a Speech Pathologist at a hospital in Las Vegas. I don’t even totally understand what he does.

What I do understand is that he studied hard to earn a Masters degree to then be proficient at doing something he loves. He comes home excited about what he did that day.

For him, Monday mornings aren’t a challenge.

This is a career.

Sure he has a boss. Sure he has to show up. But he loves what he’s doing and that makes ALL the difference.

And that’s what I’m really getting at here. Having a job generally does not allow to “be all you can be”.

But you know this already.

3 Rules to Live By

Gary Vaynerchuk says he’s 100% happy because he lives by a set of three rules. The 3 rules are:

1. Love your family
2. Work super hard
3. Live your passion

I wholeheartedly agree.

This is what makes a job so dangerous.

Generally speaking, a job is not your passion. If it is, it’s not a job but a career. And, like I already said, that makes all the difference.

Also, most people I know don’t work super hard at a job. They don’t! I know. I was in that world!

To paraphrase Peter Gibbon’s of Office Space, “It’s not that (people) are lazy, it’s just that (they) don’t care”.

Why would you? What’s your motivation? You show up and work just hard enough to make sure you keep getting your cheese at the end of a two week period.

Most people are probably willing to work hard, even very hard, at something they love. And hard work is good. But for most people, that paycheck just isn’t enough to inspire working hard.

And yes, there are jobs out there that require you to work hard. Lumberjacks, EMT’s, construction, and more. No doubt it’s hard work. But for many, it’s doing what’s necessary to get a paycheck.

I’m Not Anti-Job, I’m Pro-Freedom

Let’s get something clear. There will always be jobs. There will always be the need to work together with people on projects. For some people, this is fine.

Jobs aren’t inherently bad. They just don’t offer the same amount of personal liberties that other sources of income can provide. This is just a fact.

By their nature, jobs require you to show up, do some work, answer to a boss, and trade your time for money.

It’s a simple equation. You + show up at job + work (sort of) + x amount of time = paycheck.

For many, this is acceptable. But it’s settling for something WAY less than what most are capable of.

Like I said at the beginning, if you love your job, then this entire message isn’t for you.

But, if there’s even a teeny tiny part of you that knows you’re worthy of something bigger and better, then I hope you’ll take this as permission to start looking for it.

Don’t wait until you get laid off like me (although that can be extremely motivating).

Decide What You Deep Down Really Want to Do

Start now.

Want to raise chickens on a farm in Hawaii? Awesome! Want to live on a island and play in the Caribbean Sea every day? Super! Want to just have time to play baseball with your kids on a Tuesday morning? Great!

Just do it!

There are a lot of things much more important than a job. Oh, and don’t worry about money. There’s a million ways to make money without a job.

I would never preach something that I myself wouldn’t live.

I’ve lived on the darkside. I’ve had jobs. I’ve had bosses. I’ve had a life where the highlight of the day was getting to go home!

Not anymore. I live life on my terms. I answer to me (and my wife. 🙂 ).

And like I always say, I’m a pretty average guy! I’m no one special. I just happen to take my life, my family, and my time very seriously.

And hey, if I can do it, you can certainly do it.

Here’s to your freedom!

If you’re at a job, and you want to leave it, what the biggest challenge you face?