Family Rocketship

Why We’re Leaving Mexico (& Where We’re Going Next)

(I hope you will indulge me just a bit as I share the next chapter for the Family Rocketship.)

It’s with a sad heart that I even write this. But I gotta say it.

We have decided to leave Cozumel, Mexico.

When I say leave, I don’t mean to spend the summer in Europe or the U.S. and then come back. I mean, we’re moving away from here for an indefinite amount of time.

Mexico, is now part of who we are. We love it. It’s a home for us. In fact, 5 years ago, I wrote a post called, “Confessions of an American Mexican”. I just gave it a quick read and I still stand by every word I wrote.

I still love the word “amigo”.

If you’ve seen our timeline, you know that we first came to Cozumel back in 2012. We planned to stay initially for only 6 months. “We’ll stay as long as it’s fun,” we said.

It turned into 2 ½ years!

When the time came to leave, we decided to check out Europe for a while and spent 5 months there.

Then we headed back to Southern California for an “American Breather”. After about a year there, we got bored and ended up coming back to Cozumel.

Why We’re Leaving

It’s hard to put into words why were leaving. We love it here.

I think it’s mostly a feeling of wanting to make forward progress. We have some big goals to knock out in the next two years. We feel like changing things up will help us do so.

We want to leave the familiar, comfortable life with the intention of getting uncomfortable so that we can grow more.

Also, being totally honest, we get a lot many visitors! In 2017 alone, we averaged about two visits a month from friends and family coming to check out Cozumel.

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE our friends and family. BUT, while they’re on vacation, we’re trying to live a “normal life”. You know, work projects, school & homework, swimming lessons, etc.

Sure we can say “no” to visitors I suppose. But actually, we can’t. And we don’t. So while it’s not the main reason we’re leaving, it’s definitely on the list.

(*UPDATE – I’ve received some feedback on what I just said above and everyone seems to think I sound snotty. I promise it’s not meant that way! Yes, we worked hard to have a vacation lifestyle and enjoy having friends/family visit. But now, we’ve got some big plans and we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.) 

When we left Cozumel the first time in 2015, we wept. Seriously, there was some ugly crying happening. We didn’t realize how much we’d grown to love this place.

The culture, the food (tacos!), the beach, the ocean, the scuba diving, and of course, the people. I can almost cry just thinking about leaving now… I’m sure I will when the time comes, which is next month.

Fam in Mexico

Where are We Going?

Obviously, the question is: where are we going next?

And that’s the hard question. When you work online and can live literally anywhere in the world, how do you choose one place to actually live?

It all starts with your values. It’s followed closely by your goals and the stuff you just plain want to learn and do and enjoy.

Because of that, we’re headed back to Europe. We’ve gone there a couple of times with the kids and we’ve always loved it. But it’s always been to slow travel, never with the intention of living there.

This time, we’re headed there with the intent to stay there for 6 months (it may become more – “as long as it’s fun”)

Fam in Europe

So which country are we going to specifically?

( queue drumroll now… )

Family Rocketship


I know, of all the cool places (like New Zealand, Bali, Italy, Peru, and more), why in the world would we choose Scotland?

I know it’s not most people’s first choice for a vacation but it’s actually pretty perfect for us. In fact, here are a few very-specific-to-us-right-now-in-our-life reasons why:

  • It’s cold – I personally am more productive in the cold (I want to get a lot done this year)
  • It’s cold – nobody will be tempted to come visit us and get their tropical vacay selfie pics (correction: LESS people will be tempted to come and visit)
  • It’s the U.K. – full of amazing culture that Heidi and I both love
  • It’s the U.K. – which means we can stay for 6 months at a time on a tourist visa
  • It’s freaking Scotland! Have you heard their accent? In real life it’s even better
  • It’s freaking Scotland which means highlands to visit, castles to explore, and all the history we can handle
  • It’s a great base camp for the rest of Europe – seriously, for well under 50 euros a ticket, we can be in Rome or Prague or Istanbul or Mallorca or Lisbon or Marseille or well, you get the point
  • It’s a launching point for the next phase of our life – more on that later
  • And a bunch more less tangible but still super valid reasons…

So there it is.

We love Mexico. There are certainly a lot of things we will desperately miss.

But we’ve got to move on to the next chapter in our lives. Even if it does mean trading in tacos for (gulp) haggis.  🙂